Junction Boxes
Junction Boxes for DC Electric Motors

Junction Boxes - International Electric RigsInternational Electric Rigs Ltd manufactures Junction box for D-79 DC Motor and various AC/DC motors. It provides the following specifications:

- Directly mounts to a D-79 DC Electric Motor

  • Nylock fasteners hold a solid lug connection under vibration.
  • Insulated with Phenolic board that resists heat and corrosion.
  • Grip fasteners secure DC motor cables to the box.
  • Explosion proof plug and receptacle to connect AC motors to the MCC unit in the SCR house.
  • Pressure differential switch monitors output air flow on the DC motor blower unit.
  • A switch is designed to cut power to the motor if the blower malfunctions.
  • Two piece cover design allows choice of access to the DC power side, the AC power side or both.
  • Solid Power Lug connection crimped on to the cable and bolted on to the insulation block.
  • Terminal blocks to connect AC motors (blowers, flush pump, oiler pump) inside the box.
  • Also provides a Safety Lock out Switch
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